Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wimp to Spartan Transformation: I'm Charmed

Spartan Crossfit Wimp to Spartan 15 from Peter Murphy on Vimeo.

Welcome, Sparta, to a world without fashion police, the world in this video.  While I know that it doesn’t matter what I wear to work out, only that I’m actually working out, I still feel the need to justify this appalling ensemble.  I was moving.  Clearly, I had the foresight of a gnat, and packed all my matching workout clothes before I should have.  So I apologize for causing any offense.   Anyway, this workout and it’s components are nothing you haven’t seen me do before in previous videos/posts, but I would like to call attention to one part of this video: Murph’s excellent music choice.  He transformed this video from a simple and potentially boring work out video to an episode of the 90’s WB smash- hit, Charmed.  

When you watched this video, did you find evidence of magic?  Because it’s there.  Let me point it out to you: 1) I maintained the most dorkish-looking middle-part-bun-thing (which complemented my complete lack of style quite nicely) for the entirety of the video without knowledge of it or hairspray, 2) I did fifty thrusters and could still walk away from the gym.  Those are magical miracles.   

In all seriousness though, fifty thrusters was pretty rough.  I was hurting pretty badly from them, but I finished them.  Though I'm hard on myself, because it's my sense of humor, it's those little victories that I've come to celebrate.  Though my legs were made of jello on the walk back to the subway, I didn't fall once! VICTORY! I encourage others to find and relish the little victories.  If you can't do push-ups, do one push-up, celebrate yourself, rinse, repeat. That's how people get better, faster, stronger and maintain an enthusiasm for the lifestyle change.

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