Monday, October 31, 2011

Wimp to Spartan Transformation: What is this music?

Spartan Crossfit Wimp to Spartan 13 from Peter Murphy on Vimeo.

In today’s blog post, I’d like to pose a question to video editor extraordinaire, Murphicus.  What in the world is that music?  You’ve instantaneously turned the Wimp to Spartan video into a four-quel to the Jason Borne movies in which his sister trains to become an Agency operative, find Jason and destroy him.  I assure you, readers, I am doing no such thing.

Also, MURPHY! Don’t ever get that close to my face again.  Way too close. WAY WAY TOO CLOSE! Ew.

So my spy warm up for the day was push-ups, sit-ups and box jumps.  While I was doing the box jumps, I was trying to figure out in my head in what real-life situation would this skill be necessary.  I settled on a few.  Firstly, I’m short, so I could probably do this to jump on something to reach for something else.  Secondly, if I want to freak my roommate out in the dead of the night, I can bed-jump onto her bed while she’s asleep and then exhale creepily and loudly until she wakes up and screams.  (Not the worst idea for Halloween).  Thirdly, I could pull a karate-kid move (the Hilary Swank one) and jump on the hood of an on-coming cab, if they show no signs of respecting my rights as a pedestrian.  And now, as I think about it, it’s just a good skill to have as a spy.  What? 

Anyway, so the part of the WOD that I’d like to discuss is the 800 meter run with a sandbag.  I learned to LOVE sandbags after the Beast, because I know that I’m just going to have to run one up a mountain again at the Beast next year.  It’s a completely necessary romance for Spartan Race training, but totally brutal on the bod, no matter how you work out with it.  Sandbag cleans are awesome, but running 800 meters with my beloved sandbag equals not awesome.  Let me repeat, NOT AWESOME!  This was hard.  Shockingly enough, in the video I look like I’m just running to the beach with my towel behind my head.  So misleading.  I was suffering folks!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I feel like I run like a whale, if a whale could run.  You know what emphasizes that feeling?  Carrying Mr. Sandbag.  I must admit though that it was an excellent work out.  Boy, did my back muscles hurt the next day.  That feeling could also be attributed to the dead-lifting I did, but I’m going to blame Mr. Sandbag anyway.

Then there was ergging…ugh.  Speaking of which, I encourage you to go to 1:42 in the video and check out my arms.  For a fleeting moment they look like Hulkette arms.  It’s a complete misrepresentation, but I’m proud of that nonetheless. 


  1. I effing love this. You are a rad writer. Much respect.

  2. Carrie-- you're a rockstar. Thanks so much!

    I feel like we kind of write the same... because we're basically the same person... true or false?

  3. Love, love, love the sandbag runs. Wait a minute...maybe I hate it!